Art Cocoons - handle wet paintings with ease

If you are looking for a efficient, economical and compact solution for
wet paintings, you'll love Art Cocoon Individual Wet Panel Carriers.

Handling, carrying and storing wet paintings is so much easier with Art Cocoons.
And you'll find that you spend more time painting and less time cleaning up.

Simply set your panel in the Art Cocoon Individual Wet Panel Carrier and start painting.
Paint right to the edge of the panel, there are no tabs or holders to get in the way.

All done? Leave the painting in the carrier and cover with the raised lid.
Compact, stackable storage saves space and protects paintings while drying.

Each set includes its own stand. Now you can display your wet paintings
anywhere and keep surfaces paint free. And no more scrambling around for packaging.
Sell your paintings, wet or dry, right in the Art Cocoon. Your customers will love it!

  • Less clean up time equals more time to paint.
  • Safe handling and hassle free transport.
  • Protect your paintings with stackable storage.
  • Designed by artists for artists.

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Oil painting on french easel with panel in
Art Cocoon.

Plein air painter with Open M box and
Art Cocoon in panel.

Plein air painting on panel with Art
Cocoons and Guerrilla Box.


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Pat LaBrecque invented Art Cocoons in 2008 and introduced them in 2009. Patent pending. All rights reserved.